The ISRAEL SPORT CENTER FOR THE DISABLED specializes in the physical and psychological rehabilitation of Israeli children and youth. Over 2,000 of these youngsters, without discrimination of religion, race or sex, participate in 18 sports branches at our Center. The Center is one of the world pioneers in the field of sports for the disabled, with the greatest number of disabled children in its care. The spirit and motivation of sport is used as a means to help guide the disabled from a state of helplessness to productive, fulfilling lives.

Sport is a powerful tool in the rehabilitation of young disabled children and youth. The ISCD wishes to maintain its role as a world leader in the world of professional wheelchair sports. Thanks to a strict and all-encompassing 8-year preparation program leading up to the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, and the 2012 London Paralympic Games, the ISCD athletes were able to win a total of 9 Olympic Medals. The burden of preparing these young athletes in the various sport branches rests entirely on the shoulders of the ISCD. Our programs and facility are not government sponsored, and we raise the funds needed to operate in Israel (40%), the USA (40%) and the UK (20%).

Our extensive experience in training and preparing young disabled children for the Paralympics is unmatched. Since 1960, the Center has been a world leader when it comes to professional envelope services for disabled athletes, who proudly represent not only the state of Israel but also the entire Jewish People.

Our Disabled Swimming Program is one of the most advanced in the world. Children as young as three years old with varying degrees of disabilities begin their journey in our Children's Pool, where they receive one-on-one sessions from experienced and specially trained instructors. When they feel confident enough in the water and are able to swim short distances, they are transferred to our semi-Olympic pool where they join one of our Swimming Teams. This model has proven to be very successful not only in "producing" Paralympic Champions but also in building up the disabled children's character and stamina.

Our Disabled Children's Swimming Pool is a unique facility, designed to accommodate the complex needs of the disabled children. It includes fully accessible facilities. However, the pool, its building and installations are almost 40 years old. They are in desperate need of thorough renovation and renewal, including replacement of the pool itself, complete renovation of the machine room, complete renovation of the pool structure, and development of its surroundings to suit the requirements and needs of the disabled children.

The total cost of this project is estimated at USD $500,000. I thank you for taking the time, and for your interest in the work of the ISCD


Boaz Kramer
Executive Director