WHAT is a Mitzvah Project?

 Becoming a bar/bat mitzvah is an important milestone in your life. The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled gives you an opportunity to mark this simcha in a meaningful way by raising funds to support the American Friends for the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled. When you participate in the AFISCD Mitzvah Project, you will have a significant experience of giving, while at the same time undertaking new social responsibilities. 

WHO are the people I will be helping?

We all know how much fun we have playing sports. Well, so do many children and adults with physical disabilities. With your support, 2,500 people at the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled will be able to enjoy 20 different sports just as much as you do! The only difference is they need all different kinds of wheelchairs to participate.

WHY should I choose AFISCD as my Mitzvah Project?

To help thousands of children and adults with disabilities live productive and fulfilling lives. The spirit and motivation of sports helps gain confidence, increases morale and self-image, as well as prolongs the life expectancies of those who participate.

HOW do I get my Mitzvah Project started?

 Write a few paragraphs about yourself and why you were intrigued to choose AFISCD as your mitzvah project. Send us a PDF or JPG picture of yourself. We will add your story and picture to AFISCD’s website and your family and friends will be able to donate directly from there.